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VB-B Pump

VB-B Pump

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The lubricationpump type VB-B are reservoirpumps with a single-action plunger operated by a hand lever. The lubricant reservoir has a capacity of 1; 1.6 or 4 litre. Pump of type VB-B are intended for grease and semifluid grease. Type VB-B grease lubrication pumps a anticavitation plate with a level indicator projecting through the reservoir cover. When the hand lever is in the pressure release position, the delivery out let is conneted to the pumps suction compartment. The pump can be used as a filling pump, or it can be used for single-line, dual-line or progressive systems. When used for dual-line systems, a 4/2-way valve available as an accessory, must be screwed into the delivery connection. In systems, which do not require depressurisation (progressive systems, filling and greasing systems), de pressurisation can be prevented by installing a non-return valve in the main delivery line.

Product Characteristics

  • With follower piston and optical contents indication
  • Discharge pressure max. 120 bar
  • Lubricant: grease, liquid grease
  • Surface signal grey RAL 7004


There are three positions for the hand lever, P, P1 and R. Moving the hand lever from P1 to P pumps the lubricant through valve to the outlet. When the hand lever is moved in the opposite direction from P to P1, the suction stroke takes place. The lever can be moved on past the notch at position P1 into the position R, in which the pumps delivery and suction compartment are connected to one another. Within the pump body, the drive shaft operates the cam which in turn moves the delivery plungers axially. The space in front of the delivery plunger is connected alternately with the pumps suction chamber and, via valve, with the delivery outlet. The indidator unit shows when the maximum delivery pressure has been reached; it operates at the same time as the relief valve, and when the maximum pressure is exceeded it connects the pumps delivery compartment to the reservoir. The screw is used to bleed the pump at start-up.

VB-B Pump