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TB-D Pump (hand lever)

TB-D Pump (hand lever)

  • Marka : Bijur Delimon
  • Kategori : Manuel Pompalar


For lubrication at friction points on presses, stamping presses, machine tools, conveyors, etc.

Product Characteristics

  • Multi-line pump
  • Hand lever actuation
  • Output volume max. 0.5 cm³/stroke
  • Discharge pressure max. 25 bar
  • Lubricant: grease
  • Surface signal grey RAL 7004


By pulling the hand lever the piston is raised and grease is forced into the inner bore of the piston. During the upward motion of the latter the cross bore connects the inside chamber of the piston with the outlet ports one after the other. These ports one are not on the same level and the ring groove of the cross port frees the way to the outlet ports alternatively. When returning the hand lever to is original position the piston the piston is lowered and lubricant is sucked into the required cap.

TB-D Pump (hand lever)