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Central Lubrication Systems

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Single-Line Lubrication Systems

Single-line systems are systems, suitable for oil and liquid grease usage up to NLGI 00 class. The pump is based on the injectors connected to the pump and their control principle. They are generally used in light industry, heavy equipment and mobile lubrication industries.


  • Manual pumps
  • Electric pumps
  • Pneumatic pumps
  • Injectors
  • Manifolds
  • Pressure sensors
  • Switches


Dual-Line Lubrication Systems

Dual-Line systems are generally used in the iron and steel industry. In rolling mills and steel mills, strength values are high in the points, where hot products are available. It can generate pressure up to 400 Bar, it is suitable to be used in line distances of 50-100 meters. In general, it is connected to dual line distributors, firstly grease is pumped to one side of the distributor, then grease is pumped to the other side when the line pressure reaches the set value.

  • Electric grease pumps
  • End of line switches
  • Diverter valer
  • Dual-line distributors
  • Control panels



Multi-Line Lubrication Systems

Multi-line lubrication systems are systems based on the principle of reaching lubrication points by getting many outputs from a single pump. The pump is programmed at the required time intervals and operated at suitable periods. The number of outlets can be increased by installing distributors to the outlets.

  • Multi-line pumps
  • Progressive distributors
  • Pump elements


Air-Oil Lubrication Systems

It is based on the principle of lubrication at pressures and periods, which are calculated especially in accordance with the cycles, dimensions and back pressures of your spindles. It minimizes the damage and failure rate of your spindles and your downtimes. It can extend spindle life up to 20 years. It is a controlled system, you can be sure that the oil reaches your spindle at the right amount and time.

  • Pneumatic pumps
  • Pressure switches
  • Inductive sensors
  • Air-oil mixture mixers


Hydraulic System Accessories

Bühler Technologies, for which we are the Distributor in Turkey for hydraulic systems and oil circulation systems manufactures suitable equipments for your needs. Values such as pressure, heat, level and pollution of your hydraulic system are controlled with state-of-the-art equipment and set to optimal values.

  • Level switches
  • Heat switches
  • Pressure switches
  • Filtering systems and Filter units
  • Water/Oil and Air/Oil coolers


The centralized automatic lubrication system is activated by the first lubrication from the start of the machine. And it allows you to benefit from the machines to the maximum extent by sending the desired amount of oil to the desired places at the time intervals you set. As a result of the value attributed to preventive maintenance engineering, Centralized Lubrication Systems play an important role in a wide range of applications. Automatic Centralized Lubrication Systems are used to deliver oil from a central source to wherever friction is a problem on machinery and equipment. Our products provide the right amount of lubrication that your equipment and machines need, ensuring that there is no waste and no environmental pollution. Our Quality is Registered...Our service quality after-production and sales is registered with ISO 9001 quality management system certificate.

The centralized lubrication system is an indispensable requirement of the industry, regardless of its branch and wherever in the world. DELIMON® has been developing and producing centralized lubrication systems for 125 years. Advance of DELIMON® in development is as evident as the development in the Iron and Steel industry. This is not a coincidence, because DELIMON® , having a very old history has always kept up with technical innovations. DELIMON® is always with you in Europe and in more than 50 countries overseas with its local branches, distributors and business partners and experienced service personnel who speak your language.

With the auxiliary lines connected to the lubricant pump main lubricant line, lubricant can be compressed up to 100 units of distributors. With the pressure that the pump produces, each piston on the distributors transmits the lubricant in amount that they are adjusted to the lubrication point. After each lubrication point gets the required lubricant, the main lubrication line is connected to the main tank automatically or manually and the pressure inside the line is decreased and the pistons in the distributors become ready for the second lubrication position. After a determined interval, the second lubrication period starts.

  • Maximum lubrication point: 100
  • Maximum line length: 30 m
  • Maximum pump pressure: 150 bar. 

Application fields:


  • Presses,
  • Punch presses,
  • Guillotines,
  • Bottle washing machines,
  • Packaging machines,
  • Clamps,
  • Cutting machines.


The lubricant feeding main lubrication line of the pump and return line to the lubricant tank are connected alternatively with a reversing valve. The lubricant distributors in the requested amounts can be connected to both lines. With the pressure that the pump produces, the half of the lubrication points connected to the distributors can be lubricated in the requested amount. After this operation, the reversing valve steps in and leads the line under pressure to the pump lubricant tank and the other line steps in and transmits the lubricant that the pump compresses to the distributors and this time the other half of the lubrication points connected to the distributors are lubricated in the requested amount. This operation is repeated in the adjusted time intervals.

  • Maximum lubrication point: 1000
  • Maximum line length: 150 m
  • Maximum pump pressure : 400 bar.

Application fields:


  • Iron and steel enterprises,
  • Mills,
  • Roller mills,
  • Cement factories,
  • Thermal plants,
  • Sugar factories,
  • Brewery and malt factories.



Each lubrication point is lubricated with an independent pipeline coming from the feeding pump. With the pressure that the pump produces, it transmits the lubricant in the requested amount to the lubrication point with the help of the dosing valve at the outlets. When requested, the lubrication points can be increased with a progressive lubricant distributor to be affixed.

  • Maximum lubrication point: 36
  • Maximum line length: 40 m
  • Maximum pump pressure: 100 bar.

Application fields:


  • Presses,
  • Punch presses,
  • Guillotines, winches,
  • Elevators,
  • Conveyors,
  • Packaging machines,
  • Stone crushers,
  • Turbines,
  • Block-making presses
  • Forestry products processing machines.



The lubricant pump is connected to the progressive distributors with a main feeding pipe. The pistons available at these distributors step in one after another. They transmit the lubricant in the adjusted amount to the lubrication point at every lubricant compression. By affixing a second distributor to these lubricant distributors, the lubrication point can be increased.

  • Maximum lubrication point: 100
  • Maximum line length: 150 m
  • Maximum pump pressure : 400 bar. 

Application fields: 


  • Packaging machines,
  • Presses,
  • Punch presses,
  • Guillotines,
  • Forestry products processing machines.


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