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Electric Pumps

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The DYNAMIS pump has been developed and designed to serve the use..


Dynamis Maxx Lubricators are electrically driven piston pumps des..

TM5 PumpTM5 Pump

The TM5 pump has a wild field of applications but is particularly..

ZP6000 PumpZP6000 Pump

The pumps ZP6000 are used for direct lubrication in multi-line sy..

BS-B PumpBS-B Pump

The pump BS-B is ideally suitable for applications where long ext..

FZ-B Pump according to AtexFZ-B Pump according to Atex

The pump FZ-B is designed as a single-piston pump with max. 2 out..

FZ-A Pump according to AtexFZ-A Pump according to Atex

The pump FZ-A is designed as a single-piston pump with up to 12 o..

ZP5000 PumpZP5000 Pump

The central lubrication pump ZP5000 are used for direct lubricati..

Versa III PumpVersa III Pump

The VERSA III pump is an electrically operated gear pump intended..

TMD 5 PumpTMD 5 Pump

The wide field of application of TMD 5 pump is particularly ideal..

TM1 PumpTM1 Pump

The TM-1 pump has a wild field of applications but is particularl..

SureFire Pump (Single Phase)SureFire Pump (Single Phase)

The Surefire automatic lubricator is a robust and reliable pump t..

 Multiport Pump Multiport Pump

The multiport electrical grease pump is designed to feed progress..

EA-P PumpEA-P Pump

The lubricating press is a movable appliance for the lubrication ..

DS PumpDS Pump

The DS pump is a 24V DC electrically operated, piston pump, inten..

DCB ElectropumpDCB Electropump

The DCB pump is an electromagnetic piston pump, intended for oil ..

BF-E PumpBF-E Pump

Suitable everywhere lubrication grease is to be fed with high pre..

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