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Elektrikli Pompalar - DCB Electropump
DCB Electropump


The DCB pump is an electromagnetic piston pump, intended for oil lubrication in Single Line Resistance systems. The unit is available with a 1 litre or 4 litres reservoir, with a level switch option for the 4 litres model.


When the solenoid is energised, the piston moves forward, compressing the return spring, and pushing the oil forward through the cylinder. Once the cylinder has passed the oil entry port from the reservoir, the remaining oil is pushed out the check valve and charges the main line. The stroke of the pump is not adjustable, delivering 0.24cc each time. When the solenoid is de-energised, the return spring moves the piston back to initial position. Oil from the reservoir flows into the chamber, which has been evacuated by the piston. Oil is prevented from being drawn in from the main line by means of an outlet check valve.

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